Clément Paradis



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Born in 1983. Founder of Timeshow Press. Photographer and writer by night, book designer and teacher by day (sometimes I switch). Also translator for Stanley Greene, Anders Petersen & Max Pam.


La catastrophe prend son destin en main

I am hungry for images. Past midnight, when the smell of perfumes, cigarette and restaurant grease mix, when the humming of the bass echoes in the streets, I get a certain appetite for images. I have it during the day too, differently probably. Because at the beginning, there are shadows. Few photographers are ready to admit it but most of us are like hunters aiming in the dark. We don’t know what the target is, and we don’t know if we’ve hit it. We just hope that something will steady our aim at some point. I always accepted this state of things, and even played with it.

This is why I think that the only thing that photography documents is the confusion of (and in) time and space. We are part of the first civilisation which is not immersed in its time and art, and we like to travel through different histories and aesthetics. I use photography as it is: a medium for a time which refuses to be itself, which escapes in the labyrinth of senses and symbols in order to elude what it is and explore what it could be. And it's okay, I'm like that too. At the core of this confusion is a void we intend to fill with images, like a black hole at the center of a galaxy. Thus, I continue to take photographs, and organize them in books acting as little worlds, as collections of tiny mirror shards. The books can turn confusion into narration, and, if they don’t show the depth of what once was, they can endlessly reconfigure the surface of things in order to reinvent the trace of a special experience.

Through the spectacle we live in, I observe the surface tensions and I try to use photography as an equalizer, a means to negotiate with the environment and its partitions. Photography is my Partition Magique: it keeps on connecting and disconnecting elements of the world and somehow represents the dynamics of our times. It's a fragile equilibrium: in order not to disappear, we have to let the world go through us, in photography - I think it's a painful but seductive process. My first monograph was published in 2014, titled Sound of Midnight. It was just the beginning!

Selected exhibitions:


« DUST », Voies Off, Arles, France

« Black Liquor, Night Color », Gallery Niépce, Tokyo, Japan (exhibition w/ Maki)

« Disparition », ENSASE, Saint-Etienne, France (exhibition w/ Jordi Ballesta & Kevin Boudot)


« Alcool noir », UHH Fest. 7, Saint-Etienne, France (exhibition + street exhibition w/ Royx)

« Photobooks Market », Encontros da Imagem 2016, Braga, Portugal (photobook)

« Zines of the Zone », exposition itinérante, France (photobook)

« The Photobook Exhibition », Benaki Museum, Athènes, Grèce (photobook)

« 1 min 1 artist », Cinémas Méliès, Saint-Etienne, France (projection)

« Lequel tu préfères ? » by Jacques Barry, Galerie l'Antilope, Lyon, France (as a curator)


« La Fototeca's Photo Book exhibition », La Fototeca, Guatemala City, Guatemala (photobook)

« The Photobook Exhibition », Benaki Museum, Athènes, Grèce (photobook)

« Phosphènes », Voies Off, Arles, France

« FORMULES », Société Stéphanoise d'Enchères, Saint-Etienne, France (artist's book)


« H Book Show », Doomed Gallery, Dalston, Londres, Royaume-Uni (photobook)

« Photobooks Market », Encontros da Imagem 2014, Braga, Portugal (photobook)

« Timeshow 5 », Photobook Shop, Arles, France (as a curator)

« Zines of the Zone », exposition itinérante, France (photobook)


« Espace Vacant » by Jacques Barry, Galerie La Niche, Paris, France (as a curator)

« Espace Vacant » by Jacques Barry, Galerie Philippe Durand, Saint-Etienne, France (as a curator)


« Le Rouge & le Noir », La Réserve, Saint-Etienne, France


« L’Architecture d’une mémoire », ENSASE, Saint-Etienne, France


Fedrigoni Awards finalist 2016 (for 春爛漫 Haru Ranman)

Cosmos Arles PDF award Finalist 2016 (for Killjoy - Gâche Noël)

Cosmos Arles PDF award Finalist 2015 (for Video Waffles - Anamnog)