Clément Paradis



"The city is a temple in which living pillars
Sometimes give voice to confused words;
Man passes there through forests of symbols
Which look at him with understanding eyes."
– Pseudo Baudelaire

In ancient Rome, the augurs would try to foretell the future by observing the flight of the birds in a particular perimeter. They would turn to the north, so as to have the east to the right and the west to the left. If the flight went to the right of the observer, the gods were favorable; if it passed to his left, the gods were unfavorable.

I do not think we changed much. People are still avidly looking for frames full of signs to interpret. The photograph, this little rectangle clipped from reality, is of course perfect for that.

The city is still a ceremony, and the photographers are its new oracles, post-modern birdwatchers seeking for an impossible truth.

OMEN is an ongoing series about the amalgamation of signs, and those who believe that those signs are talking to them.

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